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Recurring Missions
We just launched Recurring Missions, and what they simply mean is that, Artists can now hire you to do something for them repeatedly - and then pay you for it.
An example
When you see something like this: "Recurring for 5 Days. Overtime Compensation is ₦40,000." under a mission, what it simply means is that you will be executing that mission everyday for 5 Days and will be paid ₦40,000 for it. As simple as that.
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Frequently Asked Questions | Find people who are willing to do or say anything to help your ideas blow - Balloon
Frequenty Asked Questions
Get help through our most asked questions.
FAQs for Artists
What is Balloon?  
It is simple. Balloon is a platform that connects Brands who are seeking to "blow" with trusted people of influence (Evangelists) who can say or do anything to help popularize their ideas.
How do I blow up my music on Balloon?  
Easy. Register here and then Create a Mission to get as much Evangelists as you want to do or say anything to blow up your music
How do I create a mission?  
Easy. Login or Register and then click on Create a Mission in your dashboard
Why are they called "Evangelists"?  
Because they are willing to do or say anything to popularize your ideas - and will do it passionately - and with so much rigour and finesse that you will be amazed.
What kind of mission can I create?  
This is perhaps the most amazing thing about Balloon. You can create any type of mission. You can, for instance, ask people to dance to your music. Or you can, for instance, ask people to pose or look or stand a certain way to promote your brand. With Balloon, there are no limits. Be creative. You can ask Balloon Evangelists to do or say ANYTHING to popularize your ideas. Anything.
How do I blow up my sales with Balloon?  
Easy. Register here and then Create a Mission to get as much Evangelists as you want to do or say anything you think can blow up your sales
FAQs for Evangelists
What is required to become an Evangelist?  
To become an Evangelist on Balloon, you will need to meet the following requirements:

- Be at least 18 years old.
- Use your real name and identity throughout the platform.
- Have a smartphone. Anyone is fine. Android or IOS.
- Have a bank account with a financial institution. This is how you'll get paid through the platform.
Do I need experience to become an Evangelist?  
No. There are no mandated skills or experience that you need to have to become an Evangelist.
How do I get paid?  
Immediately it is confirmed that you are done executing an Artist mission, your payment becomes available for withdrawal. Afterwhich you can then withdraw into your Nigerian bank account.
What are "Missions"?  
"Missions" literally just mean a task or assignment. With Balloon, you can get paid to do or say only what you want.
Have more questions - that you can't find here? Shoot us an email!