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Recurring Missions
We just launched Recurring Missions, and what they simply mean is that, Artists can now hire you to do something for them repeatedly - and then pay you for it.
An example
When you see something like this: "Recurring for 5 Days. Overtime Compensation is ₦40,000." under a mission, what it simply means is that you will be executing that mission everyday for 5 Days and will be paid ₦40,000 for it. As simple as that.
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Balloon Trade Assurance Policy | Find people who are willing to do or say anything to help your ideas blow - Balloon
Balloon Trade Assurance Policy
You are protected all the way.
We've got you covered.
The Balloon Trade Assurance Policy offers protection to both the Artist and the Evangelist.
For the Artist, it is that in the rare event that an Evangelist you hire right here on Balloon doesn't execute your mission exactly as you have you stated to them, we will offer you assistance in reaching a satisfactory outcome, including refunding your money back to you.
For the Evangelist, it is that in the rare event that an Artist doesn't acknowledge your execution, we will immediately follow up with you and offer you assistance in reaching a satisfactory outcome.
At Balloon, everyone is protected. As an Artist, pay without worry. Balloon has got you covered. And as an Evangelist, execute without worry. Balloon has got you covered.
Important: This Trade Assurance Policy only applies when all messages and payment are done right here on the Balloon platform. Not elsewhere. See Terms.