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Recurring Missions
We just launched Recurring Missions, and what they simply mean is that, Artists can now hire you to do something for them repeatedly - and then pay you for it.
An example
When you see something like this: "Recurring for 5 Days. Overtime Compensation is ₦40,000." under a mission, what it simply means is that you will be executing that mission everyday for 5 Days and will be paid ₦40,000 for it. As simple as that.
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FitZilla Case Study | Balloon Success Stories | Find people who are willing to do or say anything to help your ideas blow - Balloon
Automating sales and crafting a definite system for consistent leads.
Case Study
The Fitness company used Balloon to automate their sales by creating recurring missions to bring in consistent leads and sales day in day out via Whatsapp automatically.
33 - 71 New Messages daily
They started getting 33 - 71 new messages from prospective customers daily.
12 - 27 New Sales daily
As a result of the influx in messages, FitZilla started bringing in 12 - 27 knew sales daily.
The Story
Everything but the numbers

When Fitzilla launched, everyone loved their iconic waist trainer. But the numbers just wasn't impressive. They had very few sales and things really looked gloomy.

Without sales, their company would cease to exist so they knew had to do something.

The Goal
Automate sales and make it predictable and consistent
FitZilla wanted to make a consistent and predictable amount of sales daily. And not just that, they wanted to automate the entire process.
The Solution
Getting people to message them on Whatsapp - using Balloon

FitZilla came to Balloon and created a recurring mission telling 100 Balloon Evangelists that gets averagely 100 Views on their Whatsapp Status to post about their product everyday on their Whatsapp Status.

They gave the Evangelists variations of posts they should post daily about their product.

The Results
Happy days

This immediately quadrupled the number of messages FitZilla started getting - as they started getting an average of 33 - 71 new messages daily.

And as you may able to guess, this immediately translated to sales and they started getting an average of 12 - 27 new sales daily.

Their days of struggle immediately ended and they started having happy days.

Products used
Recurring Missions
Recurring Missions are missions where you instruct Balloon Evangelists to do something that can help your ideas blow repeatedly.
I can boldly say that FitZilla won't be making as much sales as we are making now without Balloon. Balloon allows us to have a predictable system for sales
Tolani Favour  |  CEO, FitZilla
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